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    Differences of Weighing filling machine and Volumetric Filling Machine

    作者: 來源: 日期:2020-07-16 14:04:56 人氣:684
    1、Weighing liquid filling machine.As long as it is measured by weight, the weight of each liquid filling machine is measured in kilograms, which is commonly used in various industries

    2、Volumetric Filling Machine.This quantitative filling machine is usually used for filling peer and small food, calculated in milliliter.This liquid filling machine install more than one filling nozzles to fill.

    please choose according to the company's materials,if you have any questions about choose liquid filling machine,you can search Suzhou Vstar Autoweighing Co.,Ltd,going to our company websites,inquire the detailed description of our liquid filling machine,or call:400-086-3363

    Vstar Autoweighing Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which is professional in the development and manufacture of automatic measuring system.Vstar is good at developing and manufacturing all kinds of automatic measuring equipment and weighing controller all in one system,especially at filling,checkweigher and automatic batching system.

    1、ModelV5-300 used for 200KG、200L、180KG、180L、100KG

    2、ModelV5-60 used for 60KG、60L、30KG、30L、25KG、25L

    3、ModelV5-30 used for 30KG、30L、25KG、25L、20KG、20L

    4、ModelV5-10 used for 10KG、10L、5KG、5L、2KG、2L、1KG、1L

    For special industries:

    1、Gas filling machine,  V5-500D

    2、Strong acid filling machine,V5-300D

    3、Sulfuric acid filling machine,  V5-1200F4

    4、Four-barrel filling machine,  V5-1000A4

    5、Ton barrel filling machine,  V5-1200A

    6、200L or 25L barrel double-pack quantitative filling machine

    7、Rocker arm liquid filling machine

    8、Automatic liquid filling machine 

    8、Automatic liquid filling machine 
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