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    Automatic filling machine selection and use instructions

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    Automatic filling machine selection and use instructionsAutomatic filling machine selection and use instructions

    ProductType: V5-300A4A




           4-head automatic palletizing palletizing filling scale is widely used in the chemical,food, pharmaceutical industry, 200L packaging barrels of non-foam liquidquantitative filling




          ◆ V5-300A4A four-head automatic palletizing stacking fillingscales, the use of liquid filling method for a variety of non-foam liquidfilling materials.


          ◆ Unique design of the filling head device easy to operate, fastand accurate infusion; and to ensure maximum perfusion when the residue drip.


          ◆ Operation, the operator empty bucket empty bucket first press thestart button, the empty bucket will automatically be transported to thecorresponding filling pound, the system automatically bucket to capture bucketmouth, when the barrel mouth aligned filling head,


          ◆ Filling head will be automatically inserted into the barrel, andthe empty barrels automatically peeled


          ◆ Filling valve is then opened, accurate two-speed filling; Fillingend, anti-corrosion filling scale automatically raised to the barrel, drip tray automatically connected to the bottom of the filling head


          ◆ 4 barrels are filled automatically when the completion of thecompletion of the conveyor will be sent to the barrel under the bucket cage,after the completion of the screw to push the sub-barrel automatically after the barrel on the transplanting machine automatic palletizing, palletising completed


          ◆ move the tray to the next tray station, move away, that iscompleted.


    Generaluse of the automatic filling machine, the company production scale isrelatively large, the same production of the product output is very large, thenormal use of our products to the user, is to four filling head, six fillingfirst class, Generally customized according to the needs of users. Commonlyused to automatic liquid filling machine: 200L, 30KG 20 kg, 25 liters, 100KG

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