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    Weighing module calibration mode 1T-15 T

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    Weighing module calibration mode 1T-15 TWeighing module calibration mode 1T-15 TWeighing module calibration mode 1T-15 T

    Appliesto: reactor weighing, tank scales, hopper scales, livestock scales, chemicalindustry, etc.


    Vstar teach you how to install the weighing module, weighing module as long as thereactor installed in two ways, the first part are mounted directly on theground, then the second part is in the middle of the tank, the tank itselfhanging on top, leaving the ground. No matter what kind of installation, Vishayof the company you need to have a weighing module, the general body of thisthen there will be a few feet, usually 3-4 feet, each foot to install a set ofVishay up weighing module, weighing module with up to Vishay in the reactorhopper scales, on Tongcao scale is best to use and install. Vishay up weighingmodule is easy to install as long as, in the process of using your body nomatter how stirring, can be automatically reset.


    ExplosionControllers Selection: VA802EX


    Functionsand Features

    ■ Dualdisplay also shows the instantaneous target weight or actual weight and packagethe results and other information.

    ■conversion rate of 200 times / sec

    ■ Displayresolution up to 1/60000

    ■14-segment digit LED display, eight LED status indicators.

    ■ Fullmetal shielding shell, strong anti-interference ability.

    ■ smallsize and powerful. It provides complete control of the filling material,reduction control.

    ■ Allparameters are input via the front panel buttons, all with power protection,and configure the password limits.

    ■ automaticzero tracking range set freely

    ■ When youstart filling automatic tare weight, the complex zero other options.

    ■ Automaticidentification before filling tare range, the net and gross filling modeselection.

    ■ Each timefilling both the coarse feed, fine feed and advance the value of automaticcompensation.

    ■ superalmost came to make up the feed function.

    ■ Use thesoftware full digital adjust function, static and dynamic combination packageof anti-vibration disturbance.

    ■ can bepermanently stored in a list of 30 groups and can be printed out the recipe.

    ■ AutoPrint, the cumulative print, print recipe.

    ■ tolerancealarm, and can choose to pause the next time delay function.

    ■ date,time, total number of power protection.

    ■ advancevalue is automatically corrected and uncorrected choice.

    ■ Fillingoutput data through the built RS-232C communication port.

    ■ Do notcompare time setting ensures automatic control not because of the scale body bythe impact caused by error control.

    ■ by slowaddition longest, shortest limit to adjust quickly to close early feeding valueand improve filling speed.

    ■ movingslowly fed through the feed point, the correction frequency and amplitudecorrection, to improve filling accuracy.

    ■ rich, easyto access inputs and outputs can be connected to an external controller,complete a variety of logic control functions.

    ■ Thecontroller has a complete self-diagnostic function, it has the serial testinput port and the output port test.

    ■ Availableoptions: RS-422 / RS-485 communication module.

                                       4~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V analog output.

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