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    Steak sorting machine,steak checkweigher

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-09-21 13:38:25 Hits:1713

    Steak sorting machine,steak checkweigher

    Apply to: food, aquatic products, slaughter and other industries,according to the weight of the partition automatically sorting products.

    Our machine has weight sorting function can automatic identification theweight of non-compliance steak, culling and sorting..



           ● 10-inch color touch-screen display, can display all kinds of related information and graphics on the same screen.

           ● Optional Englishman-machine dialogue operation interface, without manual operation is also easy.

           ● using the most advanced high-speed dynamic weighing unit, high-speed stability of the automatic weighing.

           ● with the top of thebrushless DC motor, high-speed operation and routine maintenance-free.

           ● belt using snap-quickdisassembly design, user-friendly cleaning and maintenance.

           ● adjustable conveyor height 650-950mm significantly, the vast majority of users to adapt the productionline.

           ● DIY structure design,greatly reducing the time to repair and replace parts, make maintenance easier.

           ● The main interface image may be displayed: name, segmented weights, weight and other specifications of the statistic information.

           ● professionally designedcheckweigher applications, with data storage, statistics, called copy function.

           ● can be directly on thetouch screen input detection speed, the governor no longer cumbersome.

           ● The machine has automaticlearning, so that each product set parameters automatically optimized.

           ● 100 product informationcan be preset in the system can be called directly use.

           ● Self-diagnosis and fault prompts, user-friendly site maintenance.

           ● Built-U disk data storage,can be copied to the computer Save history.

           ● configure USB, RS485, TCP/ IP communication interface for data output

           ● Configuration 4 was novoltage input interface for external signal access device.

    P.S: 1. * actual value depending on the product size and featuresdiffer. The data listed for the Wizards of the standard test block detectionvalue.

            2. (220) (180) are actual operating speed ofthe test block detection status. We recommend this speed to run, in order toensure the best results.

            3. Belt direction from left to right bydefault, to please specify when ordering from right to left direction.

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