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    Weight sorting machine speed sorting 120 packs/min

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2021-07-13 11:28:23 Hits:508

    Product model: V6-1KH/2KH-D

    Suitable for food, aquatic products, slaughter and other industries, automatic sorting of products according to weight.


    1. The actual value varies depending on the size and characteristics of the specific product. The data listed are the values ??detected by the Vstar standard test block.

    2. The data of (220) (180) is the actual running speed of the test block in the detection state. It is recommended to run at this speed to ensure the best results.

    3. The direction of the conveyor belt is from left to right by default. If you want to order from right to left, please specify.


    ●Using a 10-inch color touch screen display, which can display various graphics and related information on the same screen.

    ●Chinese and English optional man-machine dialogue operation interface, no manual operation is also easy.

    ●Using the most advanced high-speed dynamic weighing unit to realize high-speed and stable automatic weighing.

    ●Using top-notch DC brushless motors to achieve high-speed operation and avoid routine maintenance.

    ●The conveyor belt adopts a buckle type quick disassembly design, which is convenient for users to clean and maintain.

    ●The height of the conveyor belt can be adjusted greatly from 650-950mm, which is suitable for the production line of most users.

    ●DIY structure design greatly reduces the time for maintenance and replacement of parts, making maintenance easier.

    ●The main interface image can display: product name, segment weight, statistical weight of each specification and other information.

    ●Professional design of the checkweigher application program, with data storage, statistics, recall and copy functions.

    ●The detection speed can be directly input on the touch screen, no need for tedious speed adjustment.

    ●The machine has an automatic learning function to automatically optimize the setting parameters of each product.

    ● 100 product information can be preset in the system, and you can call it directly when you use it.

    ●Self fault diagnosis and prompt function, convenient for users to maintain on-site.

    ●Built-in U disk data storage, you can copy historical records to a computer and save it separately.

    ●Configure USB, RS485, TCP/IP communication output interface for data output.

    ●Configure 4 groups of non-voltage input interfaces for external equipment signal access.

        Vstar's weight sorting machine, online weighing machine is also called gram weighing machine, weighing machine, weight sorting scale, weight testing machine, mainly used in various automated assembly lines and logistics conveying systems for automatic weight testing, Judgment of the upper and lower limits of the finished product weight, etc. Large-scale online weighing machine is mainly used for automatic weight detection of cement production lines, and detection of missing parts and missing bottles of FCL products in food and beverage production lines. Small online weighing machines are mainly used for the weight of small products such as pharmaceuticals, food, toys, hardware, and chemicals. Qualified inspection.

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