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    VA802 Weighing Controller

    Date:2014-04-22 17:42:20 Hits:2950

    VA802 Weighing Controller


    VA802 Weighing Controller

    Application: Confection, Filling, Packaging, Concrete Mill, etc. 
    1、Displays both weight and targets of the moment, anticipate or physically measurement information at the same time with dual display.
    2、4 kinds of materials can be controlled maximum.
    3、Full materials control.
    4、Glancing feeding and fall correction.
    5、Date、time、accumulation power-loss protection.
    6、Auto-printing、accumulation printing、prescription printing.
    7、Store 10 prescriptions simultaneously.
    8、RS-232,printing port, relay I/O module are standard equipped,RS-422 or RS-485 communication module and 4~20mA or 0~10V analog output module are optional.
    9、dimension(mm):103(W)×49(H0×120(D),PANEL CUTOUT:90(W)R×42(H).
    10、Net weight:550g.
    11、Serial I/O self-diagnosis.


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