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    V6-30KL Checkweigher

    Date:2014-05-27 17:29:53 Hits:3145

    V6-30KL Checkweigher

    V6-30KL weight sorting machine (checkweigher)

    Applicable to: Check whether the weight of packaging products qualified by the sorting bodies to reject unqualified products

    Technical Parameters
    Maximum weighing: 30kg
    Minimum sensing capacity: 5g
    Dynamic error: ± 5-10g
    Sorting speed: 20-25 packets / min
    Weighing belt: 400 * 600mm
    Remove the way: Putting
    Use the power: AC220V.50Hz
    The use of air: 0.5-0.8Mpa

    1. automatic sorting methods, from human error
    2. Chinese menu display, response-style operation, at a glance
    3. using the world's most advanced digital weighing unit to achieve high-speed stable measurement
    4. the conveyor belt removable installation, easy cleaning and maintenance
    5. the transmission system using frequency control mode, convenient before and after the speed with
    6. a powerful statistical data, record the daily test data
    7. professional sorting machine using the program, application functions and professional
    8. with set data group memory, call function, easy to operate
    9. the cumulative number of qualified and unqualified, real-time statistics show
    10. self-fault diagnosis and prompt function to facilitate maintenance
    11. can store 10 product data sets, can be used out of tune

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