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    V6-10KL Check Weigher

    Date:2014-05-27 12:18:50 Hits:2912
    V6-10KL Check Weigher
    V6-10KL Check Weigher
    ·   Apply advanced digital signal processing weighing modules, high-speed and stable weighing
    ·   The open stainless steel framework provides easy access for thorough cleaning. No need tools to remove the conveyor, simplifying clean-up procedures and reducing clean-up time.
    ·   The memory card can store up to 100 operating parameters to minimize operator errors and reduce production downtime during changeovers.
    ·   Bright and clearly touch screen text promotes error-free production control for maximum weighing performance.
    ·   Integration with upstream and downstream equipment centralizes management of system data to optimize productivity of the line.
    ·   Corrective control signals from the check weigher to the upstream auger filler increase productivity.
    ·   Check weigher/metal detector combination units provide additional quality control in one space-saving system.
        Max. Capacity:10000g
        Weighing Accuracy:1g
        Belt Size:220*350mm
        Reject SystemAir Jet/ Pusher /Flipper Type/Falling Drop
        Air Pressure :0.5-0.8Mpa
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